The Answers Aren’t on Any Flatbread

So. That happened.

Recap: I blog-ranted about Misha Collins’ new charity. Misha Collins comment-ranted back. Other people left comments. I replied to some. There was a generally civil discussion, both here and in various other parts of the internet, about charity and kindness and international development. I’ll be honest, that was totally my intention. You all fell for my not-so-carefully constructed trap, even Misha, to force you to think about things.

The discussion also forced me to think about things, thus the “not-so-carefully constructed” part up there.

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Misha Collins or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Sean Penn

Things I intended to blog here about before I ever blogged about Misha Collins:

a) Advocacy: ur doin it wrong

b) Where Have All the USAID Administrators Gone?

zzzzz.) Cats: Good Aid Spokesanimals or the Best Aid Spokesanimals?

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