This blog is a space where I can ramble for more than 140 characters about international development, advocacy, and taking over the world. I’m just this person, you know?

The posts here will make a lot more sense if you read them in the style of Stephen Colbert.

I am not an expert on anything. I have worked in various advocacy and policy positions at organizations both tiny and massive, both not-for-profit and legislative. I read a lot. I write okay. I used to be able to be passive-aggressive in Swahili. I can swear in French (but then again who can’t?)

A few words on the preponderance of Misha Collins on this blog:
While I’ve long held thoughts and opinions, I’ve rarely felt the need to lay them out as diatribes on the internet. Then, Misha Collins, a favorite television actor of mine, started his own charity. I felt (and still feel) he could use the funds he and his minions raise in a more thoughtful way and said so in a rather ranty post, “Misha Collins or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate Sean Penn.”

I had previously emailed the organization to express my concerns about funding orphanages, but never received any reply. Yet within an hour of unleashing my ranty post on the world, I got a thoughtful response from Misha Collins himself. Oh, internet. Just encourage me to continue to be ranty and ornery, why don’t you? So there you have it, this blog’s claim to infamy.

It’s my hope that someday Misha’s Random Acts charity will allow me to stop worrying (I will probably always dislike Mr. Penn) by implementing smarter aid, but until then, enjoy all the Misha. Particularly—in lieu of a clip of the epic “Stonehenge Apocalypse”—his fondness for confetti and parades. (You’ll have to trust me.)